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in the films or TV shows.

in the films or TV shows.

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Gurgaon , the industrial hub of Indian state of Haryana. Gurgaon is one and only developed city in Indian state of Haryana. Gurgaon is the main attraction in the state of India. Gurgaon is the most industrial area in around DelhiNCR region also. Gurgaon has got adequate job opportunities as India’s big industries are established over there in this city. This city is directly connected to DelhiNCR also as metro facility has bridged the gap. Gurgaon is a very flourishing city. People over there in this city are very much well-educated and highly literate people, doing well-designated jobs, and raising their families giving all kinds of happiness. It is a very much posh area. Rich people like who have achieved lots of money by his or her own are residing over there. And that is why; the commodities have also been increased with higher prices and costs.

So, this is how, life is going on and the world is revolving. Changes and alterations are natural occurring in anyone’s life. People change, their protocols change for the sake of sustains. In earlier educational system there was nothing like very tough to study but as competition in field of professional world has been amplified so has in educational phase , changes were highly needed. What kind of changes took place; changes like study materials have been advanced and students are studying much more advanced subjects which in earlier days students used to study in their higher classes but today they are supposed to study in their primary classes even. And apart from these syllabus has been created in an innovative way so that new things and new researches can be done our children while pursuing studies for their life. Because as technology is gripping our field so you parents only responsible for taking care of everything regarding your children so that their future can be shining with more colors and lights.

Gurgaon city, keeping all these facts and figures in view came up with such schools, which are unbelievably doing their best by providing quality services towards the society. And moreover as all our parents nowadays are well educated and well literate so they how a school should serve and what kind of education can bring success to their children’ life. On demand, world class international schools with lots of exotic facilities which can be useful while creating a child’s future then world class residential schools with wide range of playgrounds, auditoriums and them adequate computer labs with all kinds of advanced technology are well-established there and students are in flock raking admission and pursuing best and quality knowledge and education in all these schools. Moreover, all these schools affiliated under CBSE , ICSE, and NIOS school board. All these boards additionally are also considered as best boards in India as they are found very much well managed and fulfilled with skilled members.

This is how, Gurgaon based international schools, and residential schools have become best in India. Promotional material for Time Raiders Photo: CFP
Fascinated by mysterious experiences that most people can only dream of, Chinese audiences have fallen in love with tomb raiding films and TV productions.

While reviews have been mixed, fantasy-suspense film Time Raiders' opening day box office of 163 million yuan ($24.4 million) and weekend revenue of 435 million yuan have made it the savior of this summer's lukewarm mainland box office.

Adapted from best-selling novel Daomu Biji (The Grave Robbers' Chronicles) , Time Raiders is one of the many tomb raiding films and TV dramas that have become extremely popular in China in recent years. While this genre isn't a new one in China nor the rest of the world, these more recent works seem to have been deeply influenced by Hollywood productions.

The 'Scooby-Doo' effect

Currently holding a 5.810 on mtime and a 4.910 on movie.douban, the two most popular film websites in China, Time Raiders has been very polarizing when it comes to reviews. While some admire the setting and attention to detail when it comes to creating scary environments, others have complained that the film's world-building and characters come across as weak.

It seems mixed critical responses and high box office returns go hand in hand when it comes to recent tomb raiding films.

Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe (2015), adapted from the first four books of popular tomb raiding novel Ghost Blows Out the Light , made 682.80 million yuan in the mainland. Yet, the film was also heavily criticized by audiences when it came to creating a believable world and characters, as well as changing the "ghosts" from the original novel into dog-like monsters.

Mojin - The Lost Legend (2015), an adaptation of the latter four books of Ghost Blows Out the Light, may be the highest grossing tomb raiding film so far, but its 1.68 billion mainland box office did nothing to stop criticism of the film.

In response to many of these criticisms , many industry insiders have complained that content restrictions from China's media watchdog, the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SAPPRFT), have been one of the major roadblocks that have prevented them from producing a satisfying film.

For example , while supernatural elements such as ghosts and zombies are allowed in books, these elements must have a reasonable scientific explanation in films. So far this has caused the scary elements from the books getting a sort of "Scooby-Doo" effect, where the ghosts turn out to be someone in disguise, or the zombies coming back to life turn out to be hallucinations.

Films also have to convey appropriate messages, so the tomb raiders that are simply looking for treasure in the books end up having more altruistic motivations for breaking into tombs in the films or TV shows.

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