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Van conversion - help me make a plan

T4 - Caravelle, Transporter (1990-2003)

Van conversion - help me make a plan

โพสต์โดย robin2526 » พฤหัสฯ. 01 มี.ค. 2018 2:54 pm


I need help - and I reckon the massed knowledge of UKRGB will come to the rescue...My girlfriend's just picked up a van - a second hand Volkswagen T5 transporter. It's lovely to drive - a lot less agricultural than my old Toyota Hiace - but it's not so good for sleeping in at the moment. That's what I need the help with...We've done the prep work, which has involved taking the ply-lining off to insulate it with 'thermawool' and 'thermahemp' - insulation that costs even more than using Patagonia fleeces. We've also got some sound deadener mat to go in the front (floor and wheel arches) to make it a bit more pleasant on long journeys.Now's time for the conversion proper to start. Lately we've been biking as much as kayaking, so we've got to be able to sleep in there and also fit two bikes in at the same time (front wheels off if necessary). It would be good to have a stove too, because I'm sick to death of trying to make proper food on my MSR. I'd also like enough room to sit around and make tea. Not so important to have boats inside, as creekers are enormous and so live on the roofrack and squirt boats fit anywhere.

As much as I'd love to get it done professionally, that's not on the cards - but I'm handy enough with the jigsaw if I concentrate. Some people have said futons, some have said folding boards, and I had a terrible system of shuttering ply and butterfly bolts in my last van. How have you done it, or seen it done, and what would you recommend?

Please help

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